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Below is a sample of the many covers (outside only) that we offer. The inside also can be printed specifically to meet the needs of each project. Click on the covers below to get a closer look at them.

1_veterans_ornament_thumb.jpg 2_vbs_war_thumb.jpg 3_eagle_cross_thumb.jpg 4_puzzle_rocks_thumb.jpg
5_nature_trees_thumb.jpg 6_war_world_thumb.jpg 7_chain_cross_thumb.jpg 8_desert_sunrise_thumb.jpg
10_family_field_thumb.jpg 11_pregnant_life_thumb.jpg 12_race_cars_thumb.jpg
13_heaven_city_thumb.jpg 14_keys_heaven_thumb.jpg 15_city_water_thumb.jpg 16_door_hand_thumb.jpg
17_sky_clouds_thumb.jpg 18_lighthouse_ocean_thumb.jpg 19_green_river_thumb.jpg 20_church_nature_thumb.jpg
21_cabin_picture_thumb.jpg 22_easter_flower_thumb.jpg 23_wheeliewagon_flames_thumb.jpg 24_basketball_hoop_thumb.jpg
25_blank_red_thumb.jpg 26_porch_green_thumb.jpg 27_everything_blue_thumb.jpg 28_river_fall_thumb.jpg
29_calvary_scripture_thumb.jpg 30_city_light_thumb.jpg 31_cross_heaven_thumb.jpg 32_clasp_disaster_thumb.jpg
33_deer_nature_thumb.jpg 34_ocean_sand_thumb.jpg 35_holy_night_thumb.jpg 36_christmas_present_thumb.jpg
37_watermill_grass_thumb.jpg 38_Different_baseball_city_thumb.jpg 39_fair_flower_thumb.jpg 40_bible_world_thumb.jpg

Miles & Joanna Wallis

  • Over 628 Thousand Scriptures Produced in 2014
  • Over 7 Million Scriptures Produced as a Corporate Ministry in 2014
  • Scriptures Available in 46 Different Languages

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