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Midwest Seedline offers the books of John and Romans in many languages. Below is a list of the most common languages. Other languages are available and new languages are made available as often as possible. More than 2.6 billion people speak the languages listed below. That means that God has provided His Word in the languages of more than 2.6 billion people - as testimony that He wants all of mankind to know Him and to know His Salvation.

Language Country(s) # of Speakers
Albanian Albania 3.5 million+
Amharic Ethiopia 22 million+
Arabic 20+ countries 200 million+
Bulgarian Bulgaria 8 million+
Burmese Myanmar 21.5 million+
Cebuano Philippines 15 million+
Croatian Yugoslavia 10.5 million+
Czech Czech Republic 12 million+
English 104 countries 900 million+
French 45 countries 130 million+
French Creole Haiti 7.4 million+
German 40 countries 130 million+
Hungarian Hungary 10 million+
Ilonggo Philippines 9 million+
Italian 30 countries 62 million+
Khmer Cambodia 8 million+
Korean North & South Korea 78 million+
Navajo U.S.A. 150,000
Norwegian Norway 4 million+
Pidgin Papua New Guinea 4 million+
Polish Poland 50 million+
Portuguese 7 counties 200 million+
Romanian Romania 23 million+
Russian Russia 277 million+
Samoan Western Samoa 425,000+
Spanish 45 countries 360 million+
Sranantongo Suriname 400,000+
Swahili 4+ countries 35 million+
Tagalog Philippines 33 million+
Thadou India & Burma 200,000+
Thai Thailand 60 million+
Tsonga South Africa 3 million+
Ukrainian Ukraine 47 million+
Waray-Waray Philippines 2 million+

Miles & Joanna Wallis

  • Over 628 Thousand Scriptures Produced in 2014
  • Over 7 Million Scriptures Produced as a Corporate Ministry in 2014
  • Scriptures Available in 46 Different Languages

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